Ghaziabad: Hindon airport services could start in the month of July

GHAZIABAD: Administration is working fast on developing civilian airport terminal at the Hindon Air Force station campus. The lease rent draft for the land has been ready and sent to airport authority for approval. After green signal on this, lease rent will be be finalised and a MoU (memorandum of understanding) is expected to be signed in April itself. After the MoU is signed, few requirements would be fulfilled and the services could finally start in the month of July. For civilian airport terminal, 5.5 acres of farmers’ land is required. 1800 square metres of this land belongs to housing and development board. Farmers were demanding Rs. 475/sq metre as lease rent, but administration has finalised the amount of Rs 200 /sq metre. Farmers want three years' lease rent money collectively, for which administration is ready. Administration has sent lease rent draft and conditions to the airport authority. Now the airport authority has to take the decision. Administration believes that it would get approval in 8 to 10 days, after which MoU will be signed.

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